Unified Communications


IPFX’s suite of applications has been integrated with Cisco’s Unified Communications Manager since 2001 and as such was one of the first applications available on this IP PBX.

IPFX integrates via an open standard TAPI interface to Cisco Unified Communications Manager. This interface provides all the required telephony events to IPFX, allows IPFX to control calls and allows IPFX to play and record voice messages.

IPFX’s complete suite of applications typically resides on a single Microsoft Windows server thus reducing rack space, administration overheads, installation complexity, as well as power consumption and carbon emissions.



Presence is a key function of IPFX CONNECT™. It is the means by which users can determine the status and availability of other system users.

Unified Messaging

IPFX Unified Messaging (UM) integrates multiple communication media, to enable users to retrieve and send voice, fax and email messages via a single interface.


IPFX Voicemail is the most sophisticated system available. By providing callers with intelligent greeting information linked to each user’s real-time Presence status.


With IPFX Mobility, individuals need not be bound by physical location; you can work remotely yet appear to callers as if you are physically located within the office.

Hot Desking

IPFX Hot Desking enables a single workstation and phone to be shared by multiple users, with each individual retaining their own extension number, Presence and voicemail functionality.

Call Recording

IPFX Call Recording solutions enable you to record telephone conversations, inbound, outbound, restricted by queue, extension, including offsite mobility users and off-site agents.


IPFX Solutions ensure mobile and remote employees have seamless access to the communications network and applications. It’s easy to support employees working from home.


IPFX Collaboration provides video and online conferencing via IPFX clients, giving users the ability to exchange ideas face to face and collaborate more effectively with colleagues & external contacts.


IPFX Smart Search allows you to easily search for contacts without having to leave the application you were working in.

Operator Console

In most organisations, the operator console is the first and most important answering point for incoming business calls.

Making And Receiving Calls

IPFX enables you to control telephone communications from your PC with functionality.

Single Server Solution

IPFX is typically supplied on an industry standard Microsoft powered server provided by your reseller. IPFX may also be installed on a server provided by the customer subject to certain specifications being met.

Please discuss with your IPFX representative what server specification is recommended for your individual requirements.


For customers that require a higher level of reliability, IPFX has the option of a hot failover server. This server may be configured on the same network or alternatively at a remote site such as a disaster recovery (DR) site.

The hot failover IPFX server retains all the data and configurations of the prime server such that in the event of a failover, all voicemails, contact centre data and configurations are retained and commence operation automatically.

Platform Compatibility

Cisco Unified Communications Versions:

Contact one of our IPFXPERTS for more information.


IPFX has many years experience in supporting various PBX telephony interfaces.

Through your IPFX reseller, IPFX ensures that the highest level of support is retained from the open standard IP PBX interface through to other applications and products that IPFX interfaces with.


  • Microsoft, IBM (Lotus)
  • mobile devices
  • CRM
  • workforce management
  • servers and other associated products