Unified Communications


IPFX Director is an integrated IP Telephony solution for small to medium businesses which provides the functionality historically only available to large organizations.

Designed to operate on a single Microsoft Windows server, IPFX Director includes an IP PBX along with an integrated suite of applications which will provide increased productivity for your organization and increased levels of customer service to your clients.

“32 minutes saved per day (per employee) by reaching workers on the first try” (Source: Sage 2006) Being an integrated solution, IPFX Director is very simple to manage for administrators.

The integration between the PBX functionality and IPFX’s market leading Unified Communications, Unified Contact Centre and Unified Productivity applications provides unique functionality only available from IPFX.


For customers that require a higher level of reliability, IPFX has the option of a hot failover server. This server may be configured on the same network or alternatively at a remote site such as a disaster recovery (DR) site.

The hot failover IPFX server retains all the data and configurations of the prime server such that in the event of a failover, all voicemails, contact centre data and configurations are retained and commence operation automatically.

Single Server Solution

IPFX Director is installed on a standard Microsoft Windows powered server. This is typically provided by your IPFX reseller or can be supplied by the customer subject to meeting certain specifications.

Optionally, a hot standby server may also be supplied to provide redundancy for the IP PBX component as well as any other IPFX applications that are being used. Remote branches are supported as well as teleworkers.

Open Standards

Being SIP based, IPFX Director is designed to inter-operate with a range of phones and data infrastructure equipment. In particular, tight integration is provided for Cisco, Linksys and Polycom IP phones and Cisco and Linksys data infrastructure.


contact centres

The integration between the PBX functionality and IPFX’s market leading Unified Communications and Unified Contact Centre applications provide unique functionality only available from IPFX.


  • Maximum Number of Extensions 1000
  • Maximum Number of Trunks 120
  • Maximum Number of Contact Centre Agents 250
  • Maximum Number of Operators 16
  • This number can be increased subject to design approval by IPFX


IPFX Director has a comprehensive range of telephony features and when combined with IPFX’s advanced Unified Communications and Unified Contact Centre, provides the most feature rich solution available for SMB customers.

  • A VoIP PBX
  • Presence-driven Voicemail
  • Unified Communications
  • Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes Integration
  • Unified Contact Centre
  • Operator Console
  • Mobile Phone Integration
  • Collaboration with video and desktop sharing
  • Call Recording
  • Hot Standby
  • IVR