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Watch: IPFX Supervisor Quick Start





1. Setup Voicemail


  1. Dial the voicemail access number from your desk phone
  2. Enter a PIN (minimum 5 numbers, no sequences e.g. 12345, 11111 etc.)
  3. Record your full name e.g. "Jane Smith"
  4. Record a simple greeting e.g. "Thank-you for calling, please leave a message."



TIP Your name and greeting recordings are used for voicemail Smart Greetings (Presence)





2. Login to IPFX Supervisor


  1. Obtain IPFX Supervisor browser link from your IPFX Administrator
  2. Enter your Extension and Voicemail PIN


  4. Tick Remember me to save ID
  5. Click to start interacting



TIP Drop down Authentication: and select Windows to use your domain credentials to login to

IPFX Client.